Road to Success

From digging shallow holes on a campsite lawn as a 7 year old boy, trying to make these impossible putts from dusk till dawn. To the ball striking powerhouse and professional golf athlete he is today.
Sven's brief history timeline towards making his golfing dream come true.


Sven's Birthday

Sven was born in Meppel, The Netherlands.


Started Playing Golf

At the age of 7 Sven started playing golf when his older brother tagged him along on the golf course. Not long after, he got is first junior golf set. It included just a 3 wood, 7 iron and a putter.


National Strokeplay Champion

Sven competed in both the National Strokeplay Championship Under 13 in the first week of september and the National Strokeplay Championship Under 14 later that month to win two tournaments in a row at the age of 12


Junior World Championship
San Diego

Sven ranked 28th on the Junior World Championship in San Diego leaving behind Rory Mcilroy (36th) and Rickie Fowler (78th).


National Strokeplay Champion U19

Sven won the National Strokeplay Championship Under 19.


Van Lanschot Amateur Tour

WInning this tournament with a flawless course record round of 66 was a turning point in Sven's career. He also managed to reach 2nd place at the National Matchplay Championship U22 that same year.


Q-School European Tour

3rd place Qualifying School European Tour on Chart Hills United Kingdom. 3rd place RICOH National Open Professional Tournament.


Brabants Open Tournament

His victory on the Brabants Open Tournament in 2010 with a total score of -5 earned Sven a wildcard spot in the KLM Open European Tour tournament of that year.


Czech PGA Tour Euled Classic 

Sven won this prestigious European tournament with a superb and flawless 9-under final round of 63.


Czech PGA Tour Hant Trophy

2012 marked another year of outstanding results for Sven in the Czech Republic when he won 1st prize in the PGA Hant Trophy

September 2019, '12, '11, '10 & '09

KLM Open

At the magnificent International Golf Course in Amsterdam, Sven managed to secure himself a starting position for the weekend at the European Tour KLM Open tournament after finishing his second round.
This was the 5th time that Sven participated at this tournament. Three times as an amateur and twice as a professional golf player. 


European Tour

Having played golf for as long as he can remember, Sven's next adventure is a European Tour card. To achieve this long lasting dream, his focus will be entirely on playing his best game with pinpoint accuracy on strategically selected tournaments throughout the upcoming 2021/2022 season.
Anticipating to play at the world's biggest golf tournaments and compete against some of the greatest golf players of this era. All that's needed is a laser sharp focus and a little help from his Founding Members.

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